Frederic Fabre Sure Peugeot Scooters will be Raised Garansindo in Indonesia

Within 12 days, 298 units of Peugeot Scooters terpesan in Indonesia International Motor Show in August 2015. It made quite a surprised CEO Peugeot Scooters Frederic Fabre who comes to Indonesia.

Garansindo as the agent of a holder of Brand Peugeot Scooters in Indonesia without success harga yamaha mio m3 presents Prime line-up Peugeot Scooters. Best selling Peugeot Djanggo is rumored.

“We see the potential for huge Indonesia make Peugeot Scooters. See two-wheel sales about eight million units last year (2014). We positioned the Peugeot Scooters in the premium classes, “said Fabre.

Fabre tells us that Peugeot Scooters is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in France who started making focus motor in 1901.

Peugeot Scooters have a milestone will feature cutting edge technology and are always positioned as a pioneer. The device the ABS (anti-lock Braking System) described Fabre that Peugeot was the first to apply it on a motor scooter.

Even the plastic body structure on motor, Peugeot as the pioneer who create and implement it on production motorcycles.

Discuss the question of investing in Indonesia, Fabre who served in Asia-Pacific Operation Peugeot reveals entrust entirely to Garansindo.

“We are confident that Garansindo know full well the Peugeot Scooters will be carried where. We see some successful vehicle product handled them. ”

“At this time we still see the potential for the development of Peugeot in Indonesia. The possibility of building a plant in Indonesia, we should see the need. ”

“Together we want to build Garansindo Peugeot Scooters in Indonesia. Surely a long-term sustainable business. We expect standard Peugeot applied properly by the Garansindo. ”

After sales service network spearhead Peugeot Scooters widen its wings in Indonesia. Garansindo believes that up to 2019 after sales service is already spreading in the provinces and large islands in Indonesia. Initiate 2016, promising there are 5 dealers in Jabodetabek, Java and Bali.


Yamaha Factor150 Worth vs with 150 Verza

yamaha factor 150


Yamaha Factor150 Yamaha new swashbuckling into Brazil. Its presence to broaden and enrich the range of products sales in the land of Samba.

Factor150 was developed based on the concept of a strong, aggressive and futuristic as commuter vehicles. Its main features include electronic fuel injection engine 149 cc engine BlueFlex can drink ethanol.

Provides increased efficiency 13% more fuel efficient than the claimed Factor125. It has a harga honda vario 125 esp indonesia light weight i.e. only 126 kg, chairs without split is designed for comfortable rider or dibonceng.

Factor150 start diniagakan in October 2015 with is start 7390 Brazilian Real or Rp 26.8 million. Yamaha Indonesia worth to consider Factor150 for ditandingan with Honda Verza 150.

Kustomfest 2015 undertook to Boost Tourism of Yogyakarta

Kustomfest 2015 officially rolling in Jogja Expo Center (JEC), 3-4 October 2015. Other big car lovers and this involves a lot of custom motorcycle builder both local and foreign visitors and manufacturers in the automotive field.


Director of Kustomfest, said Wahyudi, Kustomfest Lulut 2015 spectators custom fans in both cb150r 2016 domestic and foreign, among others from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, the United States, Brunei Darussalam.

In addition, it Kustomfest conception to attract tourism potential in Yogyakarta from either the realm of domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore Kustomfest combines a variety of elements, including automotive, creative industries, to the performing arts and culture.

One of the things that make this year a happy, downloading our support tourism from 3 years ago. Inevitably, likes dislikes, Kustomfest bring many guests not only from outside but also within the country, “said Lulut in Yogyakarta, Friday (2/10).

He added, custom fan enthusiasm seen from airfare, train destination that is sold out for the 2nd and 3rd October 2015. In addition this year there are a few specialty magazines from abroad who willingly flew 26 hours just to cover the Kustomfest.

“Economic train Tickets and business executives for Friday and Saturday sold out. Yesterday on a whim we survey event barengan with what kustomfest said, not da. If a plane ticket away day is already sold out. easy to hope this year more come to Yogyakarta, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee of Kostumefest 2015 Fikriyan Aan says, Kustomfest is very close to the world of tourism. In this title of the Committee is targeting at least 1,500 foreign tourists come to Jogja. While if together with domestic visitors, predicted 10,000 people cheer for custom automotive exhibits the largest in Southeast Asia.

“Events from a custom bike show, hot road and custom car show, paint battle, custom art and classic island. There are also body tatto art show and the band also really anyway, “he said.

Lamborghini Emblem Ferrari Fitted Huracan, What’s It Mean?

Ferrari and Lamborghini are two competing supercar brand lure enthusiast of speed. With a distinctive character, the two brands has fanatiknya fans each brand that boasts his idols.

However, it is not customarily done by an owner of Lamborghini Huracan. Reported by Autoevolution, Friday (2/10/2015), this fact even supercar has jingkrak horse logo harga honda vario 110 2016 shield emblem which is the logo of Ferrari in the side body panels. Meanwhile, next to it there is the figure of the Ferrari 360 parked in parallel.

Photos are circulating in cyberspace has ignited a debate among the Ferraristi (Ferrari fans). Terpasangnya jingkrak assumed this horse shield is an attempt meledek user Ferrari.

By karea, many party officials expected the Ferrari in Maranello takes position firmly. At the very least, the Maranello can use legal action for people who put up the logo on the car competitors.

As for the Lamborghini Huracan was first introduced years ago as suksesor from Gallardo. Huracan supported kitchen runway 5.2-liter V12 naturally aspirated horsepower capable of spitting out 600 Tk and torque 560 Nm.

USF1 Speeding Recruitment And Drivers

USF1 Speeding Recruitment And Drivers
Do not want to miss, USF1 reportedly immediately announced the order of the drivers ‘ Championship ahead of Formula 1 2010 season. The name Jose Maria Lopez stuck out as a prime candidate.

Argentina media, Corsa reported recently, Lopez, who never felt the tension of the single harga yamaha soul gt 125 seater since 2006, taken off car F3 for two days.

Not only that, her manager, Philip McGough justifies the existence of the contract negotiations between Lopez with a team of U.S. single.

“Everything is running smoothly. Already saw the progress on some of the weekend, before the time of vacation yesterday, “I offered such as McGough, Monday (4/1/2010).

“We have to be patient. The issue is extremely sensitive contracts. Just wait the announcement of the team, “he added.

Argentina 26-year driver was previously rumored to agree on a temporary contract with the support of the sponsors Fund of USD 8 million. In fact, the Director of sport Peter Windsor’s own labour a superlicense touted for the drivers.

Meanwhile, the other news mentions the name United Kingdom driver James Rossiter as an escort.

Cheap Car Toyota Figure Starts To Look

Cheap Car Toyota Figure Starts To Look
It got rumored to preparing the presence of a cheap car for India market, new car from Toyota that had apparently been circulating in cyberspace.


Earlier Toyota indeed is rumored to middle mempersiapakan yourself for the mengahadirkan harga honda vario 150 concept cars cheap EFC (Entry Family Car).

And the latest news circulating that the car will be named Toyota Etios. Her pictures also many circulating on the internet.

As reported in the official website of Paultan, though not yet evident, Toyota Etios sedan compact-shaped turns. This car seems to be positioned under the Toyota Vios.

According to the website of the Etios is defined as The Origin of or which is also meaningful. This car was deliberately marketed only for India to offer a form of cheap family vehicle.

Although during this time India is famous for its compact city car, but it is the presence and competitive price for the Etios sedan is forecast to Captivate consumers in the country. Or it could be that Etios will replace the presence of Vios as the cheapest Toyota sedan.

The plan, the car will be first introduced the Toyota in the title New Delhi Auto Expo which opened starting January 5, 2010.

Motivation Button Grew

Formula One (F1) 2010 rolling soon. Jenson Button admitted his motivation in maintaining a shared Championship McLaren grew.

Note, Button joined McLaren from Brawn GP, at the start of this season. Former driver of the Honda was claimed to already impatient wading through the new season together with McLaren.

“Of course, my ambition is retaining the title harga yamaha byson fi second number one racer in my car as long as possible,” the exposure Button in McLaren’s official website Monday (4/1/2010).

“But, for the meantime, it is too early to discuss the F1 Championship. Competitors scramble Championship is also getting prepared with hard work, focus and dedication, “continued The Britton.

“And the results of the hard work is about to begin, in the 10 weeks to come, the goal of the 2010 F1 Championship began to appear. So, we started the tests with crucial highly strong, “added the world champion F1 2009 it.

“I’m more motivated than ever to work with the team and my machine technician. I actually looked at this year with a positive, “demolished the former Brawn GP driver to it.

IIMS 2015 Presents the Batmobile and KITT “Knight Rider”

Batmobile Batman car aliases will be presented in the title of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015 which occasions 20-30 August at JIExpo Kemayoran, front, Jakarta. The presence of the Batmobile will be also accompanied by the famous car KITT in Knight Rider movie and car that starred in the movie Fast and Furious as well as Harry Potter. All these cars are brought by the Movie Cars as one of the supporters of the event.

Interestingly, Batman car brought in IIMS have size 1:1 comparison. Thus the car is the same motorcomcom site dimensions as the original in the film. Mobi this soon arrived in the country in early August. This collection belongs to a museum.

According to Hendra, IIMS 2015 will place the automotive business and cultural elements. The tagline for the event in dbawa is The Essence of Motor Show. And, for a replica of the Batmobile would occupy the space in Hall B who have extensive 90 meters per establishments and will be equipped with a similar atmosphere in the film Batman.

How much is a safe distance Between Cars while driving on the highway?


How much is a safe distance Between Cars while driving on the highway?
Elusiveness car isn’t the same as when the motorcycle drove heavy vehicles on the streets.

Motor can freely bend between the sidelines of vehicles. While the car, if the speed is not set up in such a way, then it could be impacted other vehicles in front of him. Therefore, driving needed distance between vehicles that are judged safe enough to avoid an accident.

Taking into account this safe distance might be a bit confusing for novice drivers. However if it is accustomed harga honda sonic 150r 2016 to being on the street, the driver usually suffices hapal with the ability of his car when the need to do a sudden braking.

Riphath Sungkar, one national racers say, take into account the safe distance that ideal is one of the keys to minimize the risk of accidents. The distance can be different to follow the pace car speed. Riphath said if the car is rowed with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, then it should still be direm time drove the front direction-free up to 60 meters.

This calculation takes into account the hardness, the speed of communication between the eye, the brain, and the command in the leg to send a signal step on the brake pedal. Average communication some part of the body that takes 0.5 to 1 second. Then, when you step on the brake pedal, it takes 0.5 to 1 second in order to be able to withstand the rate of wheel brakes. With some of these considerations, then the driver should take the safe distance between vehicles around a minimum of 3 seconds.

Quoted from the page, Between the benchmark estimate 3 seconds can be done with the reference pay attention to vehicles in front of him and assign a silent object in pinggis road as a tree or pole. While you count to the third count, the car must be aligned with the object of silence it.

Hyundai Tucson 2016 coming soon, cheapest rates Around Usd 300 million


Hyundai Tucson 2016 coming soon, cheapest rates Around Usd 300 million
Silently the latest Hyundai Tucson ready for dilaunching. The latest car from Hyundai is soon marketed in 2016. It is said that the price is also very competitive with its competitors. Hyundai himself stated, Tucson 2016 kemungkinakan removable range on U.S. or approximately dolat 23.595 almost Rp 300 million.

These prices are not the cheapest price. The reason, Hyundai Tucson will have several variants with prices that vary depending on the type. However, Hyundai convince if dipatoknya the lowest price or harga yamaha nmax resmi  would lower to 700 u.s. dollars, compared to daeri vehicles around its competitors.

However, Hyundai is also not carelessly equip kitchen runway of this vehicle. The engine note is capable of producing power until 164 horsepower. That’s still coupled with maximum torque of up to 151 lb-ft engine was recognized more fuel-efficient Hyundai because it can be sped up to 23 to 31 miles per gallon.

This embedded machine-Nu Family 2.0 litre and have four cylinders. The automatic transmission has accelerated to 6.

While it will also be available Hyundai Tucson model Eco, Sport, and Limited with prices start at 25.045 u.s. dollars. The difference, the engine is carried is the New Gamma of 1.6-liter turbochared. The resulting power reaches 175 horsepower with 195 lb-ft of torque. matiknya Transmission has 7 dual clutch acceleration. If you want to add AWD drive system can add to the money of 1,400 u.s. dollars.